Realstew Instruction


If you have been invited by anyone to join Realstew , this is a very good communication platform and you can earn substantial income long term and passive.  You can start from here onwards..                                                                                                                                            Note:  If you choose not to get your own URL, then you will need my link to get into Realstew to message me.

1. To get your own URL, click on setting icon(cogwheel)  next to your email address on the right, and choose account setting.   A page will open then create your “URL” (example-your name or yourbizname etc …as per availability choose different and short URL)  such as stevebrown  or happyx  etc

then tick the box that you are over 14 and  agree to terms then “Continue” , it will then spin and when it is complete, your own URL  will be shown in the browser.

2. To update your profile,  click on “setting icon” and choose  “Profile update ” . A new form will open for  you to  complete  your First Name, Surname  ,Country, address, DOB, sex, marital status , etc… then click on Update profile details, then click on “Cameras icon” to upload your profile picture.

3. Click “ sharing x” button,   and on next page click “Start Sharing Now ” only One time , and it will show  “You are sharing”

Now you have done your full setup of your Real Stew account just click on “Home icon”

4. Next click  on the  User group ……and move on to  “foundation club ” to read  the messages and learn from others, and to post a message of your own.. Click on “Post message” tab on the left , a note pad will come up for you to type your message and  then click  post message  half way down the page on the right and  you will see your own message is posted realtime

5. Now share your URL with your friends  or invite your friends with real mail to start earning long term money over and over. The more link you have, the more you will earn. Please read instruction below how to use realmail to invite.

6. Next get a mentor to show you the rope,  click on APPLY  circle on the top, then  follow the screen  to select a mentor. Select all on user type, language to select English and your country, leave the rest blank , then slowly go through the mentors until you find one.  I will be very happy to show you the ropes, just go through process until you find me and then click on Select mentor and  yes on next page.

Please add me to  your skype for your support , my skype name (  anitafromuk )

Once you have all set up , you can enter  your realstew site with this

log in with your full email address, such as  , with your password.

Other things you can do  but not compulsory..

A. If you are using Android phone or iPhone, you can download the Realmobile app FREE, and then log in with same details, and you will be able  to connect with me or your mentor via mobile.  Option for Realmobile Plus version is available   to upgrade, and it will help your business to grow faster, as your link will be automatically  be attached to you when you send invites to your contacts via your phone.

B. If you like to earn an income, then we need to invite others to join us..

How to use realmail to invite:

Click on contact, then load contact, then a blank form will come up for you to put email address, first name and select the country for the person, then click add new contact. After that put the same email again in the  blank form, and an orange bubble will appear next to the email, click the orange bubble, and a new realchat  window will open for you to send a quick message to the person, when the person open his /her email, your link will automatically be there for him/her to join you.

C. How to add other Realstew members as your friends

Go to user groups, and open the user group,  under the name of each person, there are 9 little icons, and the end  one will  be either a man with a little green tick if you are already connected, or  a man with a blue circle and a white+ inside  if you are not connected.  Click on the icon and request the person to be  your friend and wait to be accepted.

D. Each week there is a global race competition…and the first 5 places will get credits , the result is determined at 13:00 hour UK time.  one of the way to see your own result, click on setting/ money management/stewville/ my stewville ranking… then you will see your global ranking on the left side…only first 5 places in Global Ranking will gain credits..




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How to Join Realstew and Set Up your Account

To join us, click on the link



then click register on the right, then put your email address twice in the box, and follow the screen instruction.
then go to your email to verify.

Once you are on the realstew site, follow these steps to set up your account.

step 1 click the setting button, next to log in controlpanel on the right side, click setting, then account setting, then scroll all the way down and click GET started now
you will see a page open with www…
put your name after www..
and new password twice, tick over 14 box, and agree to terms, then submit … it will start to load. When it finishes loading, you will see your own url appear on the browser.

Step2.. Profile setting, please click setting, then profile setting, and then  fill the profile form as much as you can and click update my profile. Fill in just first name and surname (very important) , and then update profile then setting and profile setting again to upload your picture ,and click sharing under your picture it will take you to next page, please click on starting sharing now (VERY important)
You will know you have done it correctly as the user group will lit up with a number in green.

At this point, you can look for me under contact, click Anita-RS mentor and say Hello to me.

step 3 , click apply Grey circle on top between sharing and shares to get a mentor

then click first apply, to find a mentor to show you the ropes, choose user type. all, language English, and your country, then leave box write something about you and email blank, then click submit
then you will see a list of people, scroll down until you find me Anita- RS mentor, about half way down, be patient, then click select mentor and click Yes to complete the selection

next, step 4, go to user group, little greyline in the middle, click on the number, then the number in foundation club
I would like u first to add some new friends, click on the middle column and click on the icon , little man with a blue circle and white+ sign
scroll down and add all of them
after that, click on the post message on the left side of screen and a new note pad will open up for you to type a message to all members of RealStew
Please write something to introduce yourself, and I encourage you to log in and do it each day, and also read others messages and learn from them too.

Step 5. How to invite and add your own contact to realstew
This how you add your own contact, click on contact, load contact, then a blank form will come up for you to put email address, first name and select the country for the person, then click add new contact. After that put the same email again in the blank form, and a orange bubble will appear next to his name.
click the orange bubble, and a new realchat will open for you to send a quick message, type a message to invite and hit send. When the person open your message in his /her email box, your link will automatically be there for him/her to join you.
Just fill in the 3 basic info, leave the rest of the form for that person to complete when he decides to join you.

Another option is to click on the little grey house, on the greyline next to contact, then your own link will appear in the browser, you can send your link to your friends and they will start the process like you did just now, and then do step 1-5…..

Finally, if anyone like to learn how to create your own website to promote your own business, or just like a site created for you. Please email me at for more information.

To view the update from CEO on realstew

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WordPress widgets

It is important to know how to use and manage WordPress widgets. These WordPress widgets are a great way to add additional functionality using core WordPress features.

If you have not already noticed, you have a series of widgets that are already published by default in the WordPress site including Search, Recent Posts, Recent Comments, Archives, Categories and Meta. Your WordPress ready areas are dependent on the theme you are currently using for your WordPress blog website.

 To manage your widgets, return to the WordPress dashboard and go to the Appearance Option in the toolbar and select widgets from the fly out. You will notice that you have a series of available widgets in WordPress by default that offer additional functionality. These include a lot of different options and you should learn about all of them so that you can offer the functionality that you would like. You also have different widget ready areas. In some themes, you will have the primary sidebar which includes the widgets you will see on the front end of the site including search, recent posts, recent comments, archives, categories and finally, meta. Again, these appear in the same order as they do in the front end in our sidebar. We also have the content sidebar widget ready area in our theme. If we want to move a widget from one widget ready area to another, we simply can drag and drop them. For instance, you can drag and drop recent posts and recent comments into our content sidebar. We also have the footer widget ready area. You can move categories and your meta widgets into this widget ready area by again simply drag and dropping the widget into the widget ready area. You could also completely delete the archives widget from the primary sidebar. In order to do so, select the drop down on the right side of the archives then click on the delete button. Initially, you may not want to delete any widgets until you know definitely you will never use them. If you simply want to deactivate a widget, just select the widget you want to deactivate and drag it down to the inactive widgets area on the very bottom left hand side. When you move widgets around like this, you will see the changes reflected and automatically occur on the front end of the site. We will return to the front end and refresh the page and we will notice how no more widgets appear in our primary sidebar and how our recent posts and our recent comments in our content sidebar.
We can also scroll down the page to see that two widgets, namely, categories and meta content appear in our footer. Remember that widget ready areas are dependent on the theme that you are using.
Now let’s return to the dashboard again because I want to reactivate the search widget by dragging it back into the primary sidebar widget ready area. You may also want to use your available widgets and there are many of them to choose from. You can choose the calendar widget to add a calendar feature to that primary sidebar. When you add a title in the area under Title, it will override the title default of calendar on the front end of the site. When we save this widget and return to the front end of the site and of course refresh the page, you will see that the search widget has been added to the sidebar as well as the calendar widget with the upcoming events title that I just created.
Next I want to show you how to use a different type of widget and that is called the text widget. I am going to put a new text widget into my content sidebar area. The text widget is a very useful type of widget because you can customize text that appears within the widget. Now I am going to create the title for this widget which is my latest video and instead of adding text into this widget, I want to show you how to imbed a YouTube video. Imbedding media like this is a very popular way of getting different types of content and media to your users through your website. I will go to YouTube where I have already located a video that Paddy Delaney that I would like to imbed into the widget. You must first click on the share button below the video and the author of this video, that is Paddy, has already given us permission to use this video. You may already have your own content too. Next click on the embed button which will give you some iframe code. The iframe code is something that you will want to copy so that I can paste it into the widget. By returning to the WordPress dashboard, then come to the text area within the text widget and paste in the iframe code. Now click on the save button below the widget to save it and then you should return to the front end of your WordPress site and refresh the page. Once I refresh, you will notice that the video that I embedded appears in the content sidebar area of the theme that I am using and that WordPress has sized it down to a manageable size.
There are many widgets in your WordPress site and there is a lot of documentation out there on the Internet on how to use them all. But I would suggest that you do your own investigation and learn by trial and error. This I believe is the best way to get experience and knowledge of all the WordPress widgets.
There is one last widget that I would like to talk about before we end this training and get some of your questions answered. This widget is call the Akismet widget and its function is to display the number of spam comments that Akismet has caught. This widget is used by millions and Akismet is possibly the best way in the world to protect your blog from spam comments. I would recommend you activate this widget and also checkout the many widgets that WordPress offers you to enhance the functionality of your WordPress Blog Website.
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Instruction to set up Realstew account

Hi, here are the step by step  instructions to set up your RealStew account correctly, so you can have share of revenue.

Account setting,

1. You need to check my invite email and click the link to enter the site again, if you have lost my invite email, you can ask me to send again or you can get register again with this link .  Once you are in the Realstew site, then do account setting, click the setting button next to your email on the right, then account setting and scroll all way down and  click get started, put your name after www……. and put you new password in the two password box, and tick 2 boxes below, over age 14 and agree to terms and conditions and continue and wait for the screen to complete.

2. After above, please log out -click the arrow next to setting , the screen will refresh.     Then re-enter the site with your full email address and new password, and then go to profile setting, first put your  first and surname and complete the rest of the form, then click update your profile, please remember to update your profile each time you make any change to your personal profile.

3. Then click setting, and then profile setting again, please click the x on sharing under your image, then a page will open , click start sharing, you always want to be sharing as that means you will also share the revenue.

4. Get yourself a mentor,

Everyone who join realstew can choose  a mentor to show you the rope, click on the first APPLY NOW for a mentor. user type select all, language English, and your country and look for Anita Li , then click select mentor

If the person who invite you to the realstew program is not a RS mentor, you can click on apply and look for a mentor , once you find me or the one you like to work with, click select a mentor.

To apply for mentor – you can ignore the box with info or email address

5. Next, is to make some friends and post a message to the world

click on the number of user groups in the long and thin grey bar, you will see many messages posted by other people, there is an icon with a man and a little blue + sign, click on that and request the person to be your friends

6.To post a message

click on the post message tab on the left side of the screen, an empty note pad will open for u to post a message to all the members and the world

7. NOW HOW TO ADD YOUR own contacts.

Click contacts, load contacts, then put email addresss, first name and country, then click add new contacts, then either put her email again to get the orange bubble or go to A-Z to find the person and click orange bubble and open real chat.. and send him/her an invite

when the person gets your message, it will automatically have a blue link which takes him to the realstew website, and link to you.

8. Then you teach them to start the whole process again….

Applications available in Realstew,

there are several ways to see the applications,  click setting, application management, apps store and it will displays all apps available,

Money management and link management

click setting, then money management , then stewville link and stewville money

Please connect me in skype (anitafromuk) or call me if you like  to discuss further.

If you just come across my site by chance and would like to join me, then please  copy and paste the link below and register, then  follow the above instructions to set up your account.

I look forward to working with you.

Finally if you like to be trained as a RS mentor, please  email  me  on

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How Antibiotics Affect The Meat We Eat ?

Cruel factory farms are pumping healthy animals full of antibiotics to produce meat faster and cheaper. This insane cruelty is also creating drug-resistant superbugs that can kill us!
Several European countries have drastically cut farm use of antibiotics, but the UK is lagging behind. Now EU ministers are negotiating laws to force action across the continent.Reducing cruelty to animals while saving human lives is such a no-brainer that even McDonald’s said its US stores won’t stock chicken reared with antibiotics that humans use. But the farm and pharma lobbyists are out in full force to stop the new EU laws.Many ministers have yet to make up their minds. Let’s help them make the right choice, building a million-strong call to outlaw the cruel and deadly abuse of antibiotics in factory farms, then delivering it to each one. Add your name now:The World Health Organisation has issued stark warnings that superbugs may make antibiotics useless in combating infectious diseases like pneumonia and tuberculosis. Antibiotics are at the heart of modern medicine — including surgery and cancer treatments — and a major report for the British government says that, by 2050, superbugs could kill more people than cancer.While human misuse also contributes to this growing resistance, two thirds of the antibiotics consumed in the EU are consumed by animals! 

Constant low doses of antibiotics in animals’ feed or water breed superbugs. Denmark, Sweden, Norway and the Netherlands have reacted, forcing farms to cut back on antibiotics, but the UK has done the minimum under existing EU laws. That’s why new EU laws on vet medical products and animal feed are needed, but they won’t get voted through unless we build public pressure on ministers to act.

Sign the petition to save antibiotics from factory farm abuse — once one million have signed, Avaaz will run opinion polls, and work with doctors and with champion governments to bring our petition to British and other ministers yet to decide on their position in this crucial EU vote:

Millions of Avaaz members have helped protect whales, factory farm chicks, and other animals. Now let’s come together again to protect the cornerstone of modern medicine and win this for animals and for all of us.MORE INFORMATIONFood, farming and antibiotics: a health challenge for business (The Guardian) Cheap Meat Practices Beef Up Superbugs Like MRSA (ABC News) antibiotic resistance must be tackled at the farm, too (EurActiv)…

Antibiotic resistance now ‘global threat’, WHO warns (BBC)

KFC faces pressure after McDonald’s says no antibiotics in chicken (Reuters)

Superbugs to kill ‘more than cancer’ by 2050 (BBC)

Antibiotics – Antimicrobial Resistance Briefing (CIWF)

Connect with me on this Realstew communication platform, click here to register

then connect with me on skype id  (anitafromuk) . I am committed to your success in using the platform  for income sharing


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Development on Realstew

RealStew has cleverly integrated all the ways we connect to each other – chat, email, social media, user groups, websites and blogs – all on one internet platform housed in a single internet browser with a unique dashboard.

There’s no need to log in and out of different sites – all the tools you need to engage are on the one platform; everything you love about the web is in the one place. A built-in library of applications allows you to customize your hub. In essence, we supply the ultimate online canvas and you create a masterpiece according to your needs and desires.

New applications are coming on stream progressively throughout 2014 / 2015 as they are completed. Quite a few apps are already completed and usable. Most of the apps are intergrated with each other to form a complete suite of functionallity. As they rely on each other for complete function, they cannot all be released together.

It has the right Ethos of “Giving” and “Sharing” as it’s foundation. The RealStew name stands for:

R = Ripple Effect
E = Empowering
A = Abundance
L = Life Changing
S = Sharing
T = Transparency
E = Enery
W = Wealth

Below is a list of functions and applications that are working now.

*Chat / email box (free)
*CRM (Basic contact book)is free but the enhansed CRM is a subscribed app.
*Customised Website
*Blog / Interactive Newsletter
*User Groups (free)
*Quick Chat (free)
*Multi Chat (free)
*Stewville ( shows where the money is coming from) (free)
*Mentoring(1st stage)

Applications coming up in the future

*HTML E-Mail server (all will have an e-mail address as per their URL name) The same sort of e-mail system as Gmail.

*Vidoe Chat. Similar to Skype. (free)

*Financial Services (accounting package in stages) starting upgrade in August 2014 then progressively throughout 2015.

*Online shop ( early 2015)

*Credit and Debit Cards, E Pos, Point of Sale with terminal ( early 2015)

*Mobile app for all mobile services available on any mobile device. Mobile phones, Tablets etc

*Auction site (2015)

*Dating Site (2015)

*Online Booking (2015)

To mention just a few.
A Quick Overview of RealStew
RealStew has developed a communication Platform with members located in 160 countries (September 2014). Regstration to RealStew is free and the most basic apps are also free to use.

RealStew has developed, and continues to develop, a library of online Applications that Members access, through a monthly subscriptions that are very affordable in comparison with other applications elswhere. The apps that are sunscribed to enhance the way they communicate, engage, interact and transact with their contacts, social groups, businesses and clients.

Members can publish a blog, can have a custom designed website, a full e-Commerce system, a Customer Relationship Management System, or an Online cloud based accounting system. There are many other services available, all linked to a base of subscribers who can be communicated with and or managed by the Member.
The way the Program works is as follows:

Stage One – Establish Links:

You are a Member of RealStew, having registered on the data base with a unique email address;

You became a Member of RealStew after responding to a CHAT message you received from another Member or because you subscribed to a blog / became a Member of a User Group or was invoiced by a Service Provider using the Online RealStew’s accounting system from their mobile device etc….the point is you become associated with RealStew in a growing number of ways.

You in turn communicated and engaged with your contacts, friends and family by sharing a blog post on a Social Media Platform, or by inviting Contacts to join the User Group or just chatting ….With the planned release of the Real Mobile System.

You will also be communicating, as is common practice, with text to a Mobile number. Each of these engagements will present RealStew to new Contacts who then become associated with RealStew for the first time as well.

As this natural flow of engagement / interaction / sharing occurs a hierarchy is created with a number of levels of separation between you and your attracted Contacts and they with their Contacts. This is seamlessly recorded on the RealStew. Platform and accredited to the introducing Member.

This process of interacting / engaging continues at a faster rate as more applications are added and additional reasons / processes of engagement are added. We track these links up to 6 degrees (levels) from you.

Stage Two – Making Money from the Links

As time moves on you will end up with huge numbers of ‘links’ to Members all over the world and in every country in the world. As these Members (links) start engaging and interacting on the platform, RealStew has the opportunity to present these Members with Applications (solutions) to solve problems or to offer them a more effective, and often less expensive, way to either manage their business, find customers, account for their transactions, save time etc.

On the other hand, a Personal User may use the Real Date application to meet a partner, as well as maintaining friend and family links, shopping, making payments etc. Increased traffic of Members subscribing to buy the constantly added new applications, results in an inflow of subscription fees which we will start sharing with you (and other Members) based on your ‘linked’ relationship with these Members.

Assume that one of your ‘links’ within 6 degrees of separation from you is a Vet in Canada
who subscribes to use our CRM system at C$30-00 per month as he sees that it is a solution
that addresses his needs.

As we receive these funds we take 72% of the amount (72% x C$30-00 = C$21-60) and
divide this by 6 = C$21-60 / 6 = C$3-60 and then give each Member 6 levels up from the Vet
an amount of C$3-60 each. As you are at level 5 you will receive C$3-60 and each month at
the same time and day the same amount as the subscription of C$30-00 is recurring each

In the example I have given above I have used a net amount of 72% that is divided between
Members. In reality we take 90% of the subscription fee but 18% of this is ploughed back
into a mentor and system support program. The net effect is the 72%.

The Amount you can expect to receive. The C$3-60 in itself is not a significant amount. But what is significant is:The Vet is ONE Member of many thousands and eventually hundreds of thousands of ‘links’ to you;

We have an ever expanding range of Applications that these hundreds of thousands of links can subscribe to use but over time the library of Applications will be hundreds of thousands as well.

The share you receive each month repeats itself each month and you will find that the same Vet will start subscribing to other Applications and the amount you start receiving from the Vet will no longer just be 1/6th of 72% of C$30-00 but eventually 1/6th of 72% of say C$50-00 or C$100-00 each month.

You did not have to buy anything to receive a share of the money.

You did not have to sell anything to receive a share of the money.

You started to receive a share of the money the Vet (and other Users) are paying us because you are linked up to 6 degrees of separation from the Vet and other Users who see the value in using our Applications because it solves their problems.

The money you receive continuously 24/7 while you are sleeping, working or socialising with your family and friends comes in ALL the currencies of the World.

What sets RealStew, as a Platform, apart from other Platforms like Google, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, which have huge numbers of Users who use their Applications and pay them for services is that we follow the same process in terms of how we make the money but we then share it with you the Member.

Join me and share with the world here

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Realstew Communication Platform

Realstew , a worldclass communication system…  join me  to find out how this  goldmine platform  can  help  you  to generate more contacts and  business 
Click on the link to register FREE and come in to say hello
See you inside
Anita Li
+44 7877 212930
Skype: Anita Li (Skype Username: anitafromuk)


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My Advertising Pays

This is a total no brainer to making money online.


You will make money within the hour & then every 20 minutes…


My Advertising Pays really is as easy as 1, 2, 3. you simply.

#1 sign-up. (no cost)

#2 view ads. (just 10 ads takes 5 mins)

And #3 get paid. (Within the HOUR then every 20 minutes)

You only need to view 10 ads each day and you are automatically eligible
for 72 daily payouts.

But that’s not all.

We give you high-converting marketing materials to make it as easy as 1, 2,
3 to promote My Advertising Pays to your network, associates, friends,
family or anyone who wants to make money online, with push-button ease.

The more people you bring aboard the more you can get paid, over and over

Get Started Here:  (no cost)

It’s free to get started and easy to start earning. Our advertising is
priced right to make it easy for you to start promoting your business on
any budget.

Get the word out about your business to pre-qualified people who are
confirmed buyers and not just tire-kickers looking for easy money. My
Advertising Pays makes it easy for you to promote your business and get

Get Started Here:  (no cost)

If you need help getting started or have any questions about our system,
you can reach out to your Sponsor at:


If you need additional assistance, or would just like to tell us what you
think or ways we can improve the My Advertising Pays experience, feel free
to contact us via our 24/7 support desk

Latest Updates:

The Wheel of Fortune has launched where anyone in the world can
join maps (free, no cost) then play to WIN Money (real cash for free)

This is a worlds first, the player has to watch an advertisers sites for
between 20 & 30 seconds then gets the chance to spin the wheel and win

The advertiser can buy these real visitors for just $34,99 for 1,000 people
looking at his site.


I strongly believe MAPS will be a BILLION dollar company within 4 years. (apple took 5 years)


The market is worth BILLIONS & everyone 100% makes money.

This is a real business for the PEOPLE.

Over 95% of all the adverting revenue is paid back & shared between all the members.

Seriously, you will never find anything this simple, this easy, this powerful.

This is just the start.

I’ve already Made over $1.3 Million Dollars with MyAdvertisingPays,
many more on the way…

Also just hit over 10 Million Dollars in personal front line sales. (in 15 months)
and now averaging over $1.3 Million Dollars a MONTH.

(results definitely not typical as I take action)

However it shows you what is possible.

Best thing is…

Everyone else is jumping in MyAdvertisingPays…

Over 500+ new members every day.

Over 125,600 and on track to have over 300,000+ members by end of 2015.

Every single one of them making money every 20 minutes.

Why haven’t you?

If you think this is for the “gurus”, let me clarify something:

MOST of the people making a killing here are
clueless newbies who’ve never made a dime in any
business EVER!

And they’re pocketing thousands of dollars per WEEK/DAY!

But DON’T take my word for it, listen to all of these NEW
testimonials that people left in our Facebook group here…

(ask to join the group)

See you on the call.


See You at the Top


Anita Li
+44 7877 212930
Skype: Anita Li (Skype Username: anitafromuk)

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The 6 Basic Human Needs That Makes Us Tick

From Tony Robbins

I’ve seen it a million times–people equate their net worth with their self worth. Their identity is married so deeply to their bank statements and quarterly portfolio reports that they’ve forgotten that money is simply a vehicle for trying to meet our needs, almost all of which are not financial.

We’re all familiar with the cliche that money cannot buy happiness, but I’m convinced that almost everybody has to learn that lesson the hard way because let’s face it; the idea of having enough money to throw at your problems until they’re solved is a seductive impulse.

It certainly was something I constantly thought about as a kid. Growing up, money was always out of reach. It was always a source of stress because there was never enough of it. I remember knocking on the neighbor’s door to ask for food for my brother and sister and me.

Then, on a Thanksgiving Day when I was 11 years old, something happened that changed my life forever. As usual, there was no food in the house, and my parents were fighting. I heard someone knocking at the front door. I opened it a crack and saw a man standing on the steps with grocery bags filled with enough food for a big Thanksgiving dinner. I could hardly believe it.

Fast forward several years to when I was 17. I saved my money from working nights as a janitor and went out on Thanksgiving and fed two families. It was one of the most moving experiences of my life. I’d learned the joy of giving and to this day I consider contribution to be one of the six most important things every person needs.

Whatever emotion you’re after, whatever vehicle you pursue—building a business, getting married, raising a family, traveling the world—whatever you think your nirvana is, there are six basic, universal needs that make us tick and drive all human behavior. Combined, they are the force behind the crazy things (other) people do and the great things we do. We all have the same six needs, but how we value those needs and in what order, determines the direction of our life.

Need 1: Certainty/Comfort

The first human need is the need for Certainty. It’s our need to feel in control and to know what’s coming next so we can feel secure. It’s the need for basic comfort, the need to avoid pain and stress, and also to create pleasure. Our need for certainty is a survival mechanism. It affects how much risk we’re willing to take in life—in our jobs, in our investments, and in our relationships.

The higher the need for certainty, the less risk you’ll be willing to take or emotionally bear. By the way, this is where your real “risk tolerance” comes from.

Need 2: Uncertainty/Variety

Let me ask you a question: Do you like surprises?

If you answered “yes,” you’re kidding yourself! You like the surprises you want. The ones you don’t want, you call problems! But you still need them to put some muscle in your life. You can’t grow muscle—or character—unless you have something to push back against.

Need 3: Significance

We all need to feel important, special, unique, or needed. So how do some of us get significance? You can get it by earning billions of dollars, or collecting academic degrees—distinguishing yourself with a master’s or a PhD. You can build a giant Twitter following. Or you can go on The Bachelor or become the next Real Housewife of Orange County. Some do it by putting tattoos and piercings all over themselves and in places we don’t want to know about.

You can get significance by having more or bigger problems than anybody else. “You think your husband’s a dirt bag, take mine for a day!” Of course, you can also get it by being more spiritual (or pretending to be).

Spending a lot of money can make you feel significant, and so can spending very little. We all know people who constantly brag about their bargains, or who feel special because they heat their homes with cow manure and sunlight. Some very wealthy people gain significance by hiding their wealth. Like the late Sam Walton, the founder of Wal-Mart and for a time the richest man in America, who drove around Bentonville, Arkansas, in his old pickup, demonstrating he didn’t need a Bentley—but of course, he did have his own private fleet of jets standing by.

Significance is also a money maker—that’s where my dear friend Steve Wynn has made his fortune. The man who made Las Vegas what it is today knows people will pay for anything they believe is “the best,” anything that makes them feel special, unique or important, anything that makes them stand out from the crowd. He provides the most exclusive, luxurious experiences imaginable in his casinos and hotels—they are truly magnificent and unmatched in the world.

Need 4: Love & Connection

The fourth basic need is Love and Connection. Love is the oxygen of life; it’s what we all want and need most. When we love completely we feel alive, but when we lose love, the pain is so great that most people settle on connection, the crumbs of love. You can get that sense of connection or love through intimacy, or friendship, or prayer, or walking in nature. If nothing else works, you can get a dog.

These first four needs are what I call the needs of the personality. We all find ways to meet these—whether by working harder, coming up with a big problem, or creating stories to rationalize them. The last two are the needs of the spirit. These are more rare—not everyone meets these. When these needs are met, we truly feel fulfilled.

Need 5: Growth

If you’re not growing, you’re dying. If a relationship is not growing, if a business is not growing, if you’re not growing, it doesn’t matter how much money you have in the bank, how many friends you have, how many people love you—you’re not going to experience real fulfillment. And the reason we grow, I believe, is so we have something of value to give.

Need 6: Contribution

Corny as it may sound, the secret to living is giving. Life’s not about me; it’s about we. Think about it, what’s the first thing you do when you get good or exciting news? You call somebody you love and share it. Sharing enhances everything you experience.

Life is really about creating meaning. And meaning does not come from what you get, it comes from what you give. Ultimately it’s not what you get that will make you happy long term, but rather who you become and what you contribute will.

Now think about how money can fulfill the six human needs. Can money give us certainty? You bet. Variety? Check. Obviously it can make us feel important or significant. But what about connection and love? In the immortal words of the Beatles, money can’t buy you love. But it can buy you that dog! And it can, unfortunately, give you a false sense of connection because it attracts relationships, although not always the most fulfilling kind. How about growth? Money can fuel growth in business and in learning. And the more money you have, the more you can contribute financially.

But here’s what I truly believe: if you value Significance above all else, money will always leave you empty unless it comes from a contribution you’ve made. And if you’re looking for significance from money, it’s a high price to pay. You’re looking for big numbers but it’s unlikely you’ll find big fulfillment.

The ultimate significance in life comes not from something external, but from something internal. It comes from a sense of esteem for ourselves, which is not something we can ever get from someone else. People can tell you you’re beautiful, smart, intelligent, the best, or they can tell you that you are the most horrible human being on earth—but what matters is what you think about yourself. Whether or not you believe that deep inside you are continuing to grow and push yourself, to do and give more than was comfortable or you even thought possible. The wealthiest person on earth is one who appreciates.


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The (R)evolution of Finance – will You Cash in or Crash out? – See more at:

The control of finance is slipping greasily from the hands of the banks and institutions

Question: What do banks, mainstream lenders and traditional finance mechanisms all have in common?

Answered in a moment…

You see one of the biggest challenges most investor/Entrepreneurs have faced through the crash/recession post 2008 is access to finance. Funding for deals and start up business. Perhaps you did too?

But NOT because it isn’t there –

Because they didn’t ‘move with the money.’

Peer-to-peer lending, equity crowdfunding, invoice trading, pension-led funding and straight ‘friends & family’ lending have all shaken up the finance world. They’ve provided real, contrarian Entrepreneurs with a wider range of finance options.

All while the old guard are still waiting for same-day remortgages and begging the big banks

The real finance advantage isn’t just in keeping your credit clean and gaining experience, but in moving with the money when it moves the quickest. Spotting the innovation and getting in while the terms are in your favour.

The internet wreaked innovative havoc with existing Goliath institutions; everything from music publishing to betting and now to banking. The past decade has seen traditional high street banks and lenders come under sustained attack.

Internet banking meant the speed of money movement increased to fibre optic speed. Costs and rates could drop. First, fast movers win, the rest lose market share while Tesco & Sainsbury’s take market share without high street presence.

Innovation continues…

  • Payday lenders such as Wonga uses smart technology to make rapid lending decisions. Peer to peer lending platforms such as Zopa, & Funding Circle create safer, lower margin environments for individual lenders getting low interest. Crowdfunders like Crowdcube, Platform Black pool the money from the crowd as the way money moves, moves.
  • Bank of Dave is causing a stir. Bitcoin is making its presence felt. Wearbles are speeding up the contactless movement of money.
  • iZettle & Square help individual proprietors, most of whom considered themselves too small to take credit cards, or couldn’t get card machines from the mainstream banks. Take money on your iPhone.
  • Xoom helps immigrants wire money home to their families. Prepaid debit cards like Netspend, Greendot and AccountNow all target the underbanked, gaining market share by helping the people the banks reject.

So the answer to the question:

What do banks, mainstream lenders and traditional finance mechanisms all have in common?

Each is becoming a ‘victim’ of big disruption.

Paypal blazed the trail and the floodgates are opening up.

Disruptive financial innovation is taking over. Banks are genuinely scared of new technology changing the way money moves and the financial models of the companies behind them. Banks’ margins are being challenged and thinned.

The ‘non-bankers’ are swelling in size. They do not (yet) face the same regulatory burdens as banks. They’re lean and fast.

But what does this mean to you?

The biggest opportunity to ‘cash in on cashflow’ comes from anything that scares mainstream banks & banking systems. The easier money is in between disruption and innovation, where regulation, control and mainstream awareness haven’t caught up.

The great irony of the post crash clamp/meltdown is that it forced established banks to become safer and more regulated. That very reaction squeezed the foot in the door for the disrupters.

And there’s a lot more to come, you can be quite sure of that.

So how can you take advantage?

Stay on the edge of technology. Welcome the innovation and look into new finance vehicles with an open opportunistic mind. See the opportunity when the old guard or the mainstream get rejected for conventional loans and mortgages.

Early mover investor/Entrepreneurs have taken their cashflow beyond the heights of pre-recession. They’ve adapted and embraced risk. They’ve truly embraced what the ‘Entrepreneurial spirit is; seizing the opportunity first and seeing opportunity in crisis.

The (R)evolution of Finance – will You Cash in or Crash out?

– See more at:

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